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The Mailing List

Your mailing list is the MOST important factor that goes in to a mailing campaign. If you have a product and mail to people that aren't the 'usual' customer, your postcard may go to waste. Luckily, we have the ability to pin down your exact potential customer. These are just some of the different ways we can narrow your list down...
-recent movers
-recent homeowners
-businesses, homes, rentals

-common interests

business owners
-number of employees
-amount of years open
-annual sales numbers
and many more!


The 200 Rule

The amount of postcards you decide to mail out is completely up to you. However,  in order to get postage discounts through USPS when mailing Bulk Postcards the minimum is 200 postcards for Bulk Mailing. 

Postcard Sizes

The USPS sizes for 'letter sized mail' (postcards) ranges from 
width: 5-11.5 inches
height: 3.5-6
1/8 inches
If you ask any mailing expert, they will recommend a larger size - to stand out from the crowd. Although it may be more expensive, the response rate delivered from a larger postcard is relatively higher. The 'jumbo' postcards (6x11) catch the most attention!

Postage Rates

How much will my postage be?

In order for us to calculate postage we need to have your mailing list in hand, and also the size and weight (we take care of this) of the postcard. The larger the postcard, the more postage will be because it is heavier and takes up more room. Your list is the main factor however. 
If you plan on mailing EDDM, postage will be much cheaper. 
Depending on who you're mailing too will determine how expensive it will be. Just like mailing anything, if you mail a lot across the country, the postage will be higher compared to mailing right in town. 
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